blood orange

  Daily Prompt: Bite two teeth sinking into the soft center of a blood orange. it’s sweetness dripping from mouth to chin. pretty pink tongue gliding over rose petal lips. I am stuck here. watching you. lips moving rapidly, hands moving with excitement, eyes full of expression. what did you say? I think I missed it….


Particular You’ve got diamonds in your eyes. Gemstones in your smile. I’ve been digging for gold in your heart, trying to pinpoint what it is, and I’ve found this… It’s nothing particular. It’s not just the softness of your touch, not just the careful kisses. You’re intuitive. When I’m hurting, you never make me say it….

You Know.

Toothbrush Packed everything but the toothbrush. All the clothes. All the shoes. You know. All the love. All the memories. I just packed it all up and left you behind. But not the toothbrush. You know. Just in case. In case you change your mind.

everything must go

Pluck everything must go. so i picked myself apart. lost the weight. cut the hair. shaved and waxed. purged the closet. sold it all. let him go. the friends too. lost. picked. ripped. plucked. until there was nothing left. there was nothing left. and still. there was no peace.    

Now What?

Liberation and bondage coexist here. Conversations with my mother have become a painful strain of repetition in which I try to vocalize the sporadic rhythm of my twenty-three year old thoughts and she tries to refrain from telling me that all of these thoughts are premature and maybe ignorant. These days it seems our conversations…


Fifty I’ll settle down at fifty. I figure I’ll have gotten it out of my system by then. I’ll be more reasonable then. I’ll wear sensible shoes. I’ll care less about trending topics and internet perceptions. I’ll fix your plate first. Like, not just when your mama’s around but all the time. I’ll forget the…

It’s Complicated

Complicated It’s Complicated (The Complete List) The Christian girl fell in love with the agnostic. It would have been simpler if he cheated. He was unhappy. I put my faith on ice for him. I was unhappy. I live in a constant state of nostalgia. I begged, “pray with me.” We went twenty-four days without…

Not For Sure Things

Daily Prompt: Maybe I’m not a for sure thing. I’m a either/or, it doesn’t matter kind of thing. This is true when it comes to food. You asked what I wanted for dinner and I couldn’t decide, said something like, “it doesn’t matter.” When you brought home pizza I didn’t eat a single slice.  It’s…

Baby Blue

Paint Baby blue I spent too many mornings staring up at the pasty ceiling The sun came and left and we never moved Survived on ramen noodles and tongue kisses  Cannabis and Outkast I happily lost myself I hope you remember We left the windows open in December 15 days until Christmas I traced the…